kyle barnes written in handwriting tree 1 tree 1 tree 2 tree 2 grass grass grass grass grass grass grass picture of kyle taken by aishah

i'm kyle, and i'm an artist, researcher, writer, designer, and more - although i don't love applying labels to myself. i believe that life is a constant process of exploration, finding our way in the world. emphasis on the our; we do this all together. i experiment with configurations of coming together -- physically and digitally -- and finding precious moments. mostly, i spend my time trying to live well on a damaged planet. if you'd like to get in touch, you can email me at

drawing of a strawberry

representable is a community mapping platform to fight gerrymandering. as co-founder and executive director, i raised funds, grew the team and network, and ultimately engaged thousands in over 20 states to map their communities and advocate for fairer districts that represent community voices.

screenshot of representable website
drawing of an eggplant drawing of a pot of soup drawing of a blueberry drawing of a pepper drawing of a watermelon

found you,a traveling sculpture (2022-23)

breathing earth,speculative breathing exercise and watch face collapsing capitalist and geological time (website coming soon) (2022-)

grief garden, a participatory digital memorial holding space for climate grief, in collaboration with raya ward (2022)

dataghosts, a generative web installation about surveillance and data, in collaboration with raya ward (2021)

tri, a creative coding triangles series (2021)

sydney,static, meditative videos of sydney oceanscapes (2020)

scrollable activism, internet art in response to the onset of 'Instagram activism' (2020)

icemelt, mixed media sonification of climate data, under mentorship of Laurie Anderson (2019)

pixel mandala, a generative and interactive artwork inspired by the sand mandala (2019)

art x fashion, an art inspired fashion design for a show at the princeton university art museum (2019)

drawing of grapes

no tech for apartheid, a zine, essay, and card deck advocating for refusing labor from big tech

invisiborders, wearable tech for engaging with invisible borders + HCI paper

maya keren music, a simple website for improvisational musician maya keren

just tech, a course on ethical design, an initiative matching cs students with local nonprofits, a discussion group (2020-21)

special education resources, a customized service aggregation site, created within a design thinking lab (2017-19)

patan, nepal, a set of software and design products distributed and used by over 100,000 people annually (2018)

drawing of a pear

i regularly host and partake in happenings designed to explore what it means to live well on a damaged planet. many said gatherings are put on as 1/2 of tomorrow soup. some examples below:

egg tour,a tour of egg-related places in new york city [coming soon!]

BEETLES,an event fostering community around interspecies art and relations [coming soon!]

interregna, a ritual gathering and climate memorial, as part of the Con/Crit/Tec residency in São Paulo

moon parties,a regular gathering to honor the full moon

in found soil, in order to bloom,a climate memorial and experimental gathering exploring soil and growth

ambient walks,situationist inspired walks organized to attune one's senses to the natural world

experimental gatherings group,an unnamed, fluid exploration of ways to be together in the world

guerilla garlic,planting garlic in public spaces